Lafuma Mobilier: Use accessories to personalise your products

Lafuma Mobilier's range of accessories is not really just an accessory... Quite the opposite! They have been designed to simplify the use of various products, as well as making transporting them easier, protecting them in any eventuality, and also to support you in personalising your items as you wish! Renovate your outdoor space quickly and cheaply with coloured replacement fabrics. Choose ultimate comfort by re-covering your famous Relax chair with a comfortable top pad, and have your tea, coffee or cold drink right at hand with the drink-holder tray. Also try the travel or storage covers to protect your tables and chairs. It's mealtime? Perfect! Match your placemats with the chair fabric and colour! Even better: complete the set with coloured edges, specially designed for Anytime table corners. Pink, orange or green... bring some colour to your menus! It's currently on-trend and you'll be the envy of your guests! Thinking of everything, from the essentials right down to the details... this is part of the experience of a historical symbolic brand in the outdoor market!

Accessoires Accessoires Accessoires
  • TOWEL RT - R Clip - Rsx - Rsxa - Rsxa Clip - Futura  LFM2662_2984


    RT - R Clip - Rsx - Rsxa - Rsxa Clip - Futura Cotton Océan
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  • REPLACEMENT CANVAS - 52cm Transatube LFM2654_8547


    Transatube Batyline® Iso Océan
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