Lafuma Mobilier : square table and chairs anytime papageno



This product pack combining a square table (68 x 64 cm) and two chairs is perfect for mealtimes for two. The Papageno decorative pieces add a quality, stylish finish to this group.

Table advantages:

- Its laminated tabletop made from a top of the range material which is particularly resistant to scratches, abrasion and impacts. It is also waterproof
- Large diameter tubing frame is very resistant and has an anti-corrosion treatment Stability, from an adjustment device at the feet which easily corrects any wobbles
- Stands on its own when folded- Papyrus tabletop with Papageno tubing
- Locking decorative pieces coordinate with the colour of the Papageno chairs

Galvanised steel tubing frame, 25 mm diameter
Closed dimensions L/H/D: 64 cm / 101 cm / 20 cm
Open dimensions L/H/D: 68 cm / 72.5 cm / 64 cm
Unit weight: 9.64 kg

5 year guarantee

Chair advantages:

- The very practical Trendy Batyline fabric: specially designed for outdoor furniture, it resists UV exposure, ripping, wear and mildew. The ventilated weave speeds up drying. It also plays the environmentally-friendly card with its Oeko-Tex label which guarantees it is free from toxic substances
- Steel tubing: it brings a new higher standard of resistance, and the lacquer has an excellent resistance to UV exposure
- The slightly reclined back: ensures improved seating comfort
- Safe folding with injection moulded plastic sliding ring: it is practical and sturdy
- The punchy Papageno colour can be coordinated with the tables in the Anytime range
- Easy storage

Steel tubing frame, 18 mm diameter
Closed dimensions L/H/D: 47.5 cm / 95 cm / 7 cm
Open dimensions L/H/D: 47.5 cm / 85 cm / 48 cm
Unit weight: 2.74 kg

2 year guarantee

Reference: LFM2609_6890
  • Iso Batyline®

    Iso Batyline®

  • 5 year guarantee

    Item made with galvanised steel or with a cataphoretic treatment, guaranteed 5 years

  • Steel

    HLE (High tension) steel structure. Powder coated finish for excellent UV resistance. HLE (High tension) steels are light and very strong.

  • Galvanised steel

    HLE (High tension) galvanised steel structure (anti-corrosion treatment). Powder coated finish for excellent UV resistance. HLE (High tension) steels are light and very strong.

  • Diameter 18

    18 mm diameter tubing

  • Diameter 25

    25 mm diameter tubing

  • UV protection

    Excellent resistance to UV rays

  • Tested to 140 kg

    Tested to 140 kg

Reference: LFM2609_6890

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