Lafuma Mobilier : square dining table anytime poudre



This little folding table from Lafuma is filled with tricks. Designed to allow maximum legroom, it offers real comfort at mealtimes. Sturdy, it is easy to set up and to store with its exclusive clever folding system. Simple to clean, it goes well everywhere, from a little balcony to the garden, not forgetting the patio. Perfect for breakfast or an intimate meal for two.

Its advantages:
- Its laminated tabletop made from HPL made from a high quality material which is particularly resistant to scratches and impacts. It is also completely waterproof and stain resistant.
- Steel tubing frame in a sturdy size, with an anti-rust treament.
- Ease of cleaning - soapy water and a cloth will suffice.
- Stability ensured by an adjustment device on the legs which corrects any "wobble".
- Stands by itself when folded.
- Interchangeable table corner pieces, available in several colours to add a touch of colour to your tabletop.

Main details:
Galvanised steel tubing frame, diameter 25 mm
Tabletop dimensions: 64 x 68 cm
Closed dimensions L/H/D: 64 cm / 101 cm / 20 cm
Open dimensions L/H/D: 68 cm / 72.5 cm / 64 cm
Unit weight: 9.64 kg
5 year guarantee

Reference: LFM2795_8608
  • 5 year guarantee

    Item made with galvanised steel or with a cataphoretic treatment, guaranteed 5 years

  • Galvanised steel

    HLE (High tension) galvanised steel structure (anti-corrosion treatment). Powder coated finish for excellent UV resistance. HLE (High tension) steels are light and very strong.

  • HPL

    Compact HPL (High Pressure Laminate) Resists scratches, impacts, and temperature variations. Heat resistant up to 180°C. Stain-resistant. Easy to clean with a cloth and soapy water.

  • Diameter 25

    25 mm diameter tubing

  • UV protection

    Excellent resistance to UV rays

  • Heat resistant to 180C

    Heat resistant to 180C

  • Waterproof

    Water resistant

  • 1 position

    1 position

Reference: LFM2795_8608

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