CAMPING STOOL Alu Pl Batyline® Iso Lac LFM1443_8558

Other colors:
Fabrication Française

The “Origine Française Garantie” label (“Guaranteed Made in France”) is the only label which certifies a product’s French origins. At Lafuma Mobilier, products are designed, developed and manufactured at our factory in Anneyron.
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Its technical assets:

  • Iso Batyline®
  • 5 year guarantee
  • Aluminum
  • Diameter 22
  • UV protection
  • Tested to 100 kg
  • 1 position
  • Alu frame

Detailed description:

Essential for your summer holidays... This folding stool is 100% practical. Especially lightweight at only 900 grams, it is easy to carry around and can be taken on all your adventures: camping, fishing, long walks, to the beach...Ultra-compact, it is easy to store. Trying it will make you want to keep it, and you will not want to be without it!

Its advantages:
- Its Batyline® fabric which offers good resistance to ripping, to UV exposure and to mildew, and does not lose its shape. It is easy to keep clean and is environmentally-friendly as noted by its Oeko-Tex® label (which certifies that it is free from substances which are toxic to both people and the environment).
- Its sturdiness with its reinforced tubing frame made from very light aluminum alloy, 100% rust-free. This folding stool holds up to 100 kg.
- Being lightweight which means it is easily portable.
- Minimum size for maximum efficiency.

Main details:
Aluminium alloy tubing, 22 mm diameter
Closed dimensions L/H/D: 38 cm / 62 cm / 5 cm
Open dimensions L/H/D: 45 cm / 41 cm / 38 cm
Unit weight: 0.90 kg

Seat height : 41cm