CAMPING ARMCHAIR FGX Texplast Silex LFM2835_8544

Fabrication Française

The “Origine Française Garantie” label (“Guaranteed Made in France”) is the only label which certifies a product’s French origins. At Lafuma Mobilier, products are designed, developed and manufactured at our factory in Anneyron.
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Its technical assets:

  • 5 year guarantee
  • Steel
  • Diameter 16
  • Diameter 20
  • UV protection
  • Tested to 100 kg
  • Basalte frame

Detailed description:

The ultimate holiday chair...Practical and comfortable with generous sizing and armrests - it works well in any situation - on the beach, in the countryside, camping or simply in the garden. Taking its inspiration directly from the movies, this folding director's chair is the perfect addition to your outdoor scenes! Action!

Its advantages:
- Its sturdy steel frame with 20 mm diameter tubing (legs) and 16 mm diameter tubing (backrest and armrests).
- The foldable backrest and armrests.
- Fabric with reinforced stitching.
- Folding system which avoids trapped fingers.

Main details:
Steel tubing frame, 16 mm diameter (armrests) and 20 mm diameter (legs)
Closed dimensions L/H/D: 55 cm / 69 cm / 10 cm
Open dimensions L/H/D: 55 cm / 82 cm / 55 cm
Unit weight: 3.10 kg

Seat height : 44cm