Outdoor rugs

MELYA RUGS - 200 x 290cm

MELYA RUGS - 200 x 290cm 100% Polypropylene Ténéré Noir

MELYA RUGS  - 240 x 340cm

MELYA RUGS - 240 x 340cm 100% Polypropylene Sonora Beige

MELYA RUGS  - 240 x 340cm

MELYA RUGS - 240 x 340cm 100% Polypropylene Ténéré Beige

The designer outdoor mat: a decorative feature for your terraces and balconies

In the past, outdoor decoration had little importance. People found a functional garden room, a parasol, a straw mat and a barbecue to be amply sufficient. This is no longer the case: terraces, gardens and balconies have become real extensions of the house. Good decoration is essential and most people pay special attention to it. So outdoor furniture and its accessories are increasingly looked for to decorate the exterior of the house: outdoor mats, recliners, cushions, low and high tables, deckchairs, garden chairs are the stand out items of outdoor furniture. The outdoor mat is ideal for covering a terrace or a balcony. Available in numerous models and several materials, it's the perfect thing for brightening an exterior space and sharing some of its personality. We'll look at the specifics of the LAFUMA MOBILIER mats and the different outdoor mat models on offer.

How to choose a garden mat

You should consider several criteria for a good choice of mat. It will be the masterpiece of your garden furniture. It should be aesthetic, made with suitable and durable materials, non-slip and easy to wash. You can also opt for a terrace mat which does not absorb water unduly, even with heavy rain. At LAFUMA MOBILIER, we offer mats with excellent permeability and singular design, which adhere well to the floor and are easy to clean.

Polypropylene mats: ideal for outdoors

The choice of material for an outdoor mat is crucial if you want it to be durable. Indeed, it's impossible to put a woven mat, shaggy rug, wool mat or simple carpet tiles outside. These materials are not designed to withstand outdoor aggression (rain, sun, wind, etc.). So, it's important to opt for a weather-resistant designer mat. At LAFUMA MOBILIER, we have opted for polypropylene, instead of traditional bamboo or seagrass. It's a strong synthetic fibre, resistant to moisture and UV radiation. Polypropylene mats are washable, easy to maintain and just as stylish as those intended for indoors. Polypropylene also has many qualities: this material is tearproof, odourless, flexible, smooth and recyclable. Stains do not penetrate this type of mat: rubbing simply with a wet sponge is generally enough to deal with it. In the event of a large spill, it is always possible to remove the mess with a little bleach diluted in water.

The LAFUMA MOBILIER outdoor mat range

You've got it: all our mats are integrally made up of polypropylene, a heavy-duty material, resistant to all weather conditions. Stylish, they can be installed outdoors, and also combined with interior decoration. The design of our products and their smart finishes make the mats very on trend, with no reason to envy indoor mats. Moreover, they are manufactured in Belgium and guaranteed for 2 years. Easy to wash, they can spend all summer outdoors. At the season end, we recommend you store them to extend the product's lifetime. Rolled up, they are easy to store in a shed or cupboard to await warmer weather. Which mat to choose? What are the specifics of LAFUMA MOBILIER outdoor mats? Two types of mats for garden and terrace are on offer:

  • Marsanne: modern and designer, this outdoor mat is ideal for a veranda, balcony or small terrace. Suitable for heated floors, it is 155 cm wide and 230 cm long: so, it's big enough to cover a large surface area. It's a good choice for concealing floor that is not to today's taste, in poor condition, or simply to protect or cover your outdoor floor. UV and weather resistant, Marsanne is easy to clean with water. It is available in several colours, blue, grey and beige. All the mats are uniform, except one beige model: pretty geometric patterns on the width are discreet and give it a touch of originality.
  • Melya: Melya is a large size outdoor mat (195 X 290 cm). Its generous dimensions make it a perfect mat for large terraces. It can be placed in a garden room so as to create a well decorated dining corner, and will also find its place in a veranda or indoors. Melya is not without style: this large mat comes in two uniform colours and four patterned colours. Whichever model you choose, its colours are sober and chosen to let you harmonise it with any exterior decoration. Melya comes in beige, pink, blue, black and grey. Arranging your terrace with it will be child's play.

Now you know all about our garden mats. Which model will you go for?