FOOTREST Next BeComfort® Dark Grey LFM2828_8902

Other colors:
Fabrication Française

The “Origine Française Garantie” label (“Guaranteed Made in France”) is the only label which certifies a product’s French origins. At Lafuma Mobilier, products are designed, developed and manufactured at our factory in Anneyron.
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Its technical assets:

  • 5 year guarantee
  • Galvanised steel
  • Diameter 25
  • UV protection
  • Tested to 140 kg
  • 1 position
  • Basalte frame

Detailed description:

Next BeComfort®? It is a padded folding seat with two comfortable uses. The footrest is the best friend of the Transabed, to provide you with an optimum relaxation position, while you are relaxing by the pool, in the garden or on the patio. As a stool, it becomes an ultra-soft, space-saving extra seat.

Its advantages:
- Its padded BeComfort®seat pad: 100% comfort because it is made up from a combination of ultra-permeable and breathable materials, it does not retain water, it promotes air circulation and dries quickly.
- Steel frame with anti-rust treatment holds up to 140 kg.
- Takes up little space.
- Being lightweight which means it is easily portable.

Main details:
Galvanised steel tubing frame, diameter 25 mm
Closed dimensions L/H/D: 51 cm / 72 cm / 10 cm
Open dimensions L/H/D: 66 cm / 35 cm / 51 cm
Unit weight: 4.00kg
Seat height : 35 à 40cm