Maxi Transat Velio® NEO Lagoa

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A cocktail of scents and flavours, take a trip to RIO with Ipanema, Eva, Flora and Lagoa. On the most beautiful beaches in the world, drink in the scent of the tropical flowers and relax to the birdsong, the sounds of the Bossa Nova, the waves crashing on the shore...
Because real luxury also means space, this Maxi Transat has generous dimensions, perfectly designed for the newest demands of comfort. Sturdy, ultra-compact and easy to clean, it is at home on the patio, in the garden, around the pool, or even inside in the living room.

Its advantages:
- Its dimensions, offering seating comfort to larger sizes with 65 mm extra width.
- Ultra-compact folding, making it easy to move and store.
- Velio® NEO is a technical fabric particularly suitable for outdoor use. Its main advantages are its excellent resistance to UV rays, its open weave which does not retain water and its strength. Its innovative weave with a variegated weft thread, brings a touch of modernity and texture to the fabric.
- Lack of cross-brace at the front of the seat, making it more comfortable.
- Four positions, lockable with safety rack system.
- Availability of colourways lets it match any decor. Mix it up without moderation

Main détails:
- Steel tubing frame, diameter 22 mm.


Technical information

Product Details


Height (product - in cm) 77 > 83

Width (opened - in cm) 62

Depth (opened - in cm) 94 > 96

Height (folded - in cm) 124

Width (closed- in cm) 62

Depth (folded - in cm) 6

Net weight (in kg) 3,7

Seat height (in cm) 33


Fabric and cushions





Drying time speed

Resistance to UV rays

Resistance to bad weather

Ease of cleaning