LOW TABLE Vogue Micro-perforated tray Noir LFM2947_0669

Other colors:
Fabrication Française

The “Origine Française Garantie” label (“Guaranteed Made in France”) is the only label which certifies a product’s French origins. At Lafuma Mobilier, products are designed, developed and manufactured at our factory in Anneyron.
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Its technical assets:

  • 5 year guarantee

Detailed description:

VOGUE is the ideal mini side table to keep a book, coffee or a glass of fruit juice within easy reach. Practical because it’s stackable, this table also doubles up as a stool. It features a new perforated top with delicate, refined design. Elegant and original with a contemporary triangular shape, this table is a perfect addition to all your LAFUMA MOBILIER furniture on your terrace, poolside and interior. Whether you prefer noir, titane or Kaolin white tubing, you’ll love it for its chic, creative style.
Its advantages:
-Micro-perforated tray - The strong sturdiness of the tubular frame and lacquered steel tabletop.
- The original design of its triangular shape and rounded support tubing which also repeat the triangular shape.
- Good resistance to sun exposure.
- Ease of integration into any decor - garden, poolside, patio or balcony.
- The fact that it takes up little space and can be stacked to help with storage.

Main details:
Steel tubing frame, diameter 22 mm
Dimensions: L/H: 57 cm / 32 cm
Unit weight: 2.80 kg