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LOUNGE CHAIR Sunbrella® Ebène


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ANCÔNE ARMCHAIR Sunbrella® Ebène


ANCÔNE ARMCHAIR Sunbrella® Cobalt


ANCÔNE ARMCHAIR Sunbrella® Granite


LOUNGE CHAIR Sunbrella® Cobalt






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RELAXATION CHAIR Sunbrella® Cobalt

Our range of designer and top of the range outdoor furniture

As an outdoor furniture specialist, LAFUMA MOBILIER offers you a huge choice of outdoor furniture: deckchairs, sunloungers, recliners, garden chairs, garden tables, low tables and decorative accessories, such as outdoor mats and cushions. All our garden furniture is designed with care, made in France and uses quality materials. Created in an eco-responsible manner, they are made to give you maximum comfort and to last in the long term. Our products let you arrange your contemporary outdoor spaces with clean design that is modern and on trend.

Outdoor furniture that goes indoors

Our homes are increasingly open to the outside; they often have large glazed bays overlooking terraces, balconies, verandas, etc. These spaces, previously neglected, are now considered as living extensions of the house. Many people, anxious to make their home a pleasant place to live, pay great attention to the decoration of their garden. We offer you maximum possibilities by proposing designer outdoor furniture produced in a wide choice of colours, shapes and materials.

This stylish outdoor furniture can also be used indoors; clean lined, our garden furniture can easily be carried inside, and it complements the look of the house. Goodbye to the traditional garden lounger in resin, fixed in place. Historically portable, most of our outdoor furniture can be folded up quickly to be moved to a new place. Our furniture, designed to combine comfort, style and quality, is suitable for all houses and apartments. It can easily complement or compose the decoration of a lounge, veranda or even an office.

Our garden recliners and chairs, for example, are very practical serving as spare seating when you don't have enough indoor chairs for your guests. Similarly, our highly comfortable Relax chairs can be brought into the house and used for relaxing in front of the television or with a good book. Finally, our iconic designer chairs, Sphinx and Pop Up, are just at home in a lounge for aperitives or on a terrace for lounging in the sun.

Why choose LAFUMA MOBILIER outdoor furniture?

There are lots of good reasons for choosing your garden lounge or outdoor furniture from among the LAFUMA MOBILIER products. We'll show them to you.

Made in France garden furniture

Most of our products are manufactured in France and bear the OFG label (French Origin Guaranteed). This label gives clear information to our customers on the origin of a product. To obtain it, two criteria together have to be complied with:

  •  Between 50% and 100% of the unit cost price is French
  • The product owes its essential features in France

We have been designing and manufacturing our furniture since 1954 at two French sites, in Anneyron in Drôme, and in Ain. Today some 160 employees work in the support functions, in R&D or in one of our six integrated trade workshops: Aluminium, Steel, Paint, Plastics, Stitching, and Assembly.  In fact, 68% of the purchases of raw material are made in France and 98% come from Europe. Moreover, most of our materials are sourced within a radius of 150 km.

Top of the range outdoor furniture

All our furniture, from garden chair to garden table including the lounger, are made with quality materials. Unlike traditional furniture made of woven resin, teak or rattan, we prefer metal furniture. We have acquired unique knowhow in working with aluminium and steel.  Easy to clean materials that are extremely durable and metal frames are an integral part of our DNA for the conception of our designer garden furniture. We are developing our design and manufacturing techniques to offer you furniture with the latest innovations. We are working continuously to improve our products and their technical characteristics. For example, our Relax chairs have innovative seat tilting solutions, allowing their users to enjoy optimum comfort. The fabrics for our recliners, deckchairs or folding chairs, are both special and technical. Ultra-resistant, they can withstand the weather and mould, make it easy to carry our furniture into your house or garden, or even to go away with you on holiday. Our seats have specific fabrics according to the selected model, suitable for all shapes and all ideas of comfort.

Smartly designed outdoor furniture

You’ve got it: our garden furniture is functional, durable and innovative. And we haven't ignored the aesthetic side: all our outdoor furniture is contemporary and modern. The premium collection Privilège embodies this subtle combination of comfort and style. Our technical in/out textiles, developed by the most demanding teams of stylists and engineers, provide you with unmatched user comfort for everyday well-being.

 We offer you a wide selection of on trend colours, and for lovers of moderation, outdoor furniture in timeless hues: blue, green, pink, grey, beige, taupe, black, white, etc. Whatever your favourite colour, you'll easily find a deckchair, garden seat or table and chair set that suits your present taste and ideas. Then all you have to do is enjoy your exterior around a fine meal, relax in a recliner with footrest or take a siesta in one of our on trend deckchairs.

A garden seat, table and chairs, low table, pretty cushion, sunlounger, folding deckchair, etc. Which LAFUMA MOBILIER outdoor furniture products will you choose?