Beach furniture


SUNLOUNGER Siesta L Polycotton Marine


CAMPING STOOL Alu Pl Batyline® Iso Océan


CAMPING ARMCHAIR Alu Low Batyline® Iso Océan


DESIGN CHAIR Pop Up Batyline® Iso Océan


DECKCHAIR Transatube2 Batyline® Iso Seigle


CAMPING ARMCHAIR Alu Low Batyline® Iso Seigle


LOW CHAIR CB Texplast Silex


CAMPING TABLE Louisiane Layered Carbon


CAMPING STOOL Alu Pl Batyline® Iso Seigle


SUNLOUNGER Siesta L Batyline® Iso Seigle


SUNLOUNGER Siesta L Batyline® Iso Océan


CAMPING TABLE Fidji Layered Carbon

Durability and practicality, the criteria for choosing your beach furniture

A swimming costume, sun cream, hat, book, etc. Your packing is almost ready for the holidays. But, have you thought about taking some beach furniture?

Many holidaymakers choose to spend their summers on the beach. However, these vacations often lack comfort – a simple towel laid on the sand to lie on is practical to carry, but not really comfortable. Taking outdoor furniture to the beach is a great idea, provided it is well chosen. It should be easy to carry, but above all suited to the seaside.

We offer you a range of beach furniture that perfectly satisfies these criteria, designed using quality materials. Our beach recliners and chairs are resistant to sand, sun and the weather. They are not spoiled, even after whole days spent on the beach or in the case of contact with seawater.

Our outdoor furniture is also portable. Light and easy to fold, it'll follow you wherever you go on holiday. It is easy to transport and pack into the car boot, for you to carry to the beach or to the swimming pool.

Our range of beach accessories and furniture

We offer a range of high-quality outdoor furniture. We use top of the range materials, that are durable and very resistant. Including high-strength steel, aluminium, and Batyline® fabric. The fabric, specially designed for outdoors, resists UV, mould, and tearing. Manufactured to withstand wear, it is designed to last for many years. Some of our products like the deckchairs have the option of changing their fabrics, for easy cleaning and for replacing a fabric when necessary after several years of heavy use. All our products are Made in France and guaranteed for 5 years.

Our beach chairs

We offer two models of beach chairs:

  • CB, the low chair: our low chair is a steel beach seat, that is light to carry and comfortable. Its Batyline fabric dries fast if it gets wet. Designed in a responsible way, it contains no material toxic to the body or for the environment. This compact chair can be taken everywhere thanks to its carry strap.
  • Alu Low, the low chair with armrests: Alu Low is part of our top of the range beach furniture. This beach chair has a wide seat and solid armrests. Tiltable, with 5 set positions, it makes it easy to read a book, take a siesta or be lazy when seated.

Our beach deckchairs

The deckchair is an essential for the garden lounge just as it is for beach furniture. It's your best companion for sunbathing or relaxing by the sea. You can enjoy the open air without giving up on comfort. The Transatube lounger is light and compact, and also very solid. It is ideal for relaxing under a parasol, or taking a siesta while listening to the swish of the waves. It can be folded up quickly, occupies very little space and withstands abrasion and tears. Transatube can also be adjusted: you can choose between 4 positions more or less angled to settle down as you like. If you're going on a family holiday, remember that a folded Transatube takes up very little space. This deckchair can easily be put in the back of the car or the boot, which means you can take several chairs and have room for your cases and beach equipment.

Our beach recliners

The Maxi Pop Up is a garden recliner for outdoors that you can take to the beach. Designer and on trend, it takes up little space and is very comfortable. This is the beach furniture to choose if you have back problems. The back of the beach recliner provides significant support and relives the joints. It can support weights up to 110 kg. It has very practical umbrella folding and can be opened up or put away in a flash.

Our beach sunloungers

The sunlounger is ideal for sunbathing or enjoying a restorative siesta. A leading product of outdoor furniture, it can be taken to the beach. The LAFUMA MOBILIER sunlounger is so comfortable that it can even be used as a spare bed. Our Siesta model offers pleasant soothing comfort and has 4 position settings.

Now you know about the best pieces in our range of beach furniture. Which will you take for the holidays? A folding chair? One of our comfortable deckchairs? Or a foldable sunlounger?