Camping furniture


SUNLOUNGER Siesta L Batyline® Iso Seigle


DECKCHAIR Transatube2 Velio® Silex




LOW CHAIR CB Batyline® Iso Seigle


LOW CHAIR CB Batyline® Iso Océan


CAMPING CHAIR CNO Batyline® Iso Seigle


CAMPING STOOL PH Batyline® Iso Lac


CAMPING ARMCHAIR Alu Low Batyline® Iso Lac


DESIGN CHAIR Pop Up Batyline® Iso Lac


CAMPING STOOL PH Batyline® Iso Seigle


DECKCHAIR Transatube2 Batyline® Iso Seigle



How to choose open air furniture well

Outdoor furniture should be chosen with greater care than indoor furniture. Items intended for open air use are more exposed to outside aggression: wind, sun, rain, snow, mud, etc. So it's crucial to choose camping or beach furniture that is water-repellent or permeable, resistant to the weather and to UV radiation. Outdoor furniture should also be portable. It's best to choose light furniture, that is foldable, easy to carry and set up.

Our range of camping accessories and furniture

We offer you a huge selection of camping furniture designed for the outdoors. Developed with care and constructed from high-quality materials, all our outdoor furniture is guaranteed for a period of 5 years. Made in France, our outdoor furniture is all very comfortable, durable and ergonomic.

Our folding chairs and recliners for camping

Are you looking for the ideal furniture for the holidays? The folding chair and the folding recliner are the essentials for successful camping. They let you enjoy the exterior of your tent, caravan or mobile home, comfortably at table or set up under your parasol or awning. We offer numerous models of camping recliners and chairs:

  • CB, the low chair: this low camping chair is very practical and easy to carry. It has minimum overall dimensions and offers all the comfort required for picnicking, reading, resting or having a drink when camping. Its seat and back in Batyline fabric will allow you stay seated for several hours, for a game of cards or a barbecue, without feeling any discomfort. It features a useful carry strap!
  • Alu Low, the low chair with armrests: Alu Low is a heavy-duty outdoor folding chair. Available in two colours, it has a wide seat and 5 different position settings. The open weave of its fabric stays cool and dries quickly.
  • FGX, the camping recliner: this folding camping recliner is practical and comfortable. Its wide back, generous seat and armrest make it the holiday recliner par excellence. It folds up, and can be carried and opened up in no time. Its steel frame makes it very solid and durable.
  • The Alu Victoria camping recliner: Alu Victoria is a functional outdoor recliner, perfect to take along on your holiday. It has reinforced stitching, an aluminium frame and high stability feet.
  • The Alu Cham camping recliners: Alu Cham and Alu Cham XL are two of our leading pieces of camping furniture. Both have aluminium frames, Batyline fabric and quality finishes. The difference is in their dimensions: Alu Cham XL has a high back, wider than that of Alu Cham. It offers more lumbar support and provides more comfort.
  • The CNO camping chair: the ideal chair for camping. Not too large, it can even be used indoors. It has a hinged back and folds up easily.
  • Maxi POP UP: This umbrella folding recliner with a trendy look is UV resistant and can support weights up to 110 kg. It has a high back for gently supporting your spine and is ultra-resistant.
  • The PH camping stool: camping means a folding stool! Very light, this type of seat slips easily into the boot of a car or the back of a camping-car. It is perfect for picnics, fishing parties or for use as a foot rest after a long day. PH is the relaxing folding stool par excellence: despite its small size, it is very comfortable and quite strong!

Our camping tables

We offer several models of folding tables. Squares or rectangles, they are available in different sizes to suit your needs. They all have an aluminium frame, except our Arizona folding table which has a steel frame. Solid and thick, all our tables are easy to fold and have more or less seating capacity. Choose your table according to the number of guests you wish to host and according to the use you want to make of it: several models have separately adjustable telescopic legs, which will let you keep it horizontal, whatever the terrain!

Our camping sunloungers and deckchairs

Camping and holidays always mean relaxation! You can take a sunlounger or a deckchair with you for those siestas or basking in the sun between open air activities. We offer you three deckchair models: Siesta L, Transatube2 and Sunside. Each of these camping chairs can be easily tilted and carried. They are so cosy they can even be used as an occasional bed: just add a cushion and cover. Why not pass a peaceful night under the stars!