DECKCHAIR Maxi Transat Batyline® Iso Terracotta


LOUNGER Maxi Transat Plus Batyline® Duo Farou


DECKCHAIR Maxi Transat Batyline® Iso Lac




DECKCHAIR Transatube2 Batyline® Iso Océan


DECKCHAIR Transabed Batyline® Duo Obsidian


DECKCHAIR Transabed Batyline® Iso Terracotta


DECKCHAIR Transatube2 Velio® Silex


DECKCHAIR Transabed BeComfort® Silver


DECKCHAIR Transabed Batyline® Duo Farou


DECKCHAIR Transabed Batyline® Iso Terre


DECKCHAIR Maxi Transat Batyline® Iso Chlorophylle

Deckchairs: essential comfort for basking in the sun

Summer comes to life with a good deckchair, parasol, sunglasses, and sun cream. The deckchair, or lounger, is a garden furniture essential. Comfortable and easy to carry, you can relax and enjoy the sun in the garden, on the terrace or by the pool. Well chosen, it has many advantages and can also be used inside the house. We'll show you all our models in a few lines and let you know how to choose your ideal LAFUMA MOBILIER deckchair.

The many advantages of our deckchairs

A good deckchair should ensure unmatched moments of relaxation and outdoor comfort for you. It is important to follow certain points before choosing your outdoor furniture. There are many models of loungers, more or less comfortable and resistant.

Quality materials for weather-resistant furniture

At LAFUMA MOBILIER we pay special attention to the quality of the materials used in the design of our products. We aim to offer our customers garden furniture that is durable and highly resistant. To do this we design deckchairs to resist all weathers at our production site located in Anneyron. Rain and UV radiation can damager your garden recliner if its frame and fabric are not suited to temperature variations, water or strong heat. This is especially the case for loungers made of wood or woven resin; they withstand several seasons outdoors with difficulty. So, we offer you deckchairs with a frame made of galvanised or high-strength steel that is resistant over time. Moreover, all our frames are covered with quality fabrics which offer excellent resistance to abrasion, tears and UV.

A deckchair designed for comfort

The first function of a folding lounger is to be comfortable. To provide maximum well-being, we have designed deckchairs with wide seats, suited to all shapes. Our garden loungers are also adjustable and have 3 to 4 different tilt positions according to the chosen model. All our folding deckchairs are designed without cross-piece on the seat front for greater leg comfort. Finally, some of our models have a headrest. These softly support your neck. Do you want to reach the peak of comfort? Discover the BeComfort® Transabed recliners: they have a soft padded fabric, perfect for relaxing with a book or taking a siesta.

A light folding deckchair for easy transport and storage

Our deckchairs are not bulky and can be put away or moved in a moment. In fact, they fold. You'll have no trouble storing them with the approach of bad weather. Our deckchairs are thin so they can be stacked easily against a wall, slipped behind a door or in a cupboard. Do you want to take your deckchair away with you for a weekend or holiday? Here again, it's very simple. Once folded, your garden lounger will slip easily into the car boot and be with you wherever you want.

Which LAFUMA MOBILIER fabric deckchair model to choose?

All our LAFUMA MOBILIER deckchair models are designed to offer optimum comfort, resistant to sunlight and the weather. Made in France and certified OFG (French Origin), our products are also guaranteed for 5 years – so enjoy lasting happy moments of relaxation. We offer 3 main models of deckchairs, available in different on trend, timeless colours:

  • Maxi Transat: this lounger model is perfect for small exteriors. Compact, it nevertheless has generous dimensions and is very robust. Thanks to its tilting back and safety racks, it has 4 positions and comes in several colours. Like the other models, it has no cross-piece on the seat front for optimum comfort.
  • Maxi Transat Plus: like the Maxi Transat, it has a wide frame and is light, strong and comfortable. What's the plus? A removable head cushion to support the neck and reinforced Batyline® Duo fabric.
  • Transabed: the peak of comfort. Used indoors and outdoors, the Transabed has flexible resistant armrests, a head cushion, comfortable fabric and a welcoming seat. Combined with its foot rest, the Next, it will provide an extra dose of comfort, ideal for lazing poolside or on the terrace. Its singular design makes it a contemporary deckchair model. Covered with a BeComfort® mattress with honeycomb design, you can use it outside on good days and inside in winter.

How to clean your garden deckchair

Now choosing your garden deckchair will be easy. You want to know how to clean your folding deckchair? LAFUMA MOBILIER loungers are practical to use and to clean. It's very easy to clean the deckchairs and their cushions. All the fabrics of our deckchairs can be removed easily, which lets you clean the frame and the fabric separately. Finally, if necessary, there are many spare parts, spare fabrics or kits of spares for our different deckchair models. It's an opportunity to make your products last or to change the look as you like!

Now you know how to choose and clean your deckchair. All you have to do is order it and settle down comfortably in your garden for a satisfying moment of relaxation.