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The leg rest, for optimum comfort

The leg rest often conflated with the foot rest is combined with a recliner or outdoor chair for extra comfort. You have probably already remained seated in a chair for a long time. As comfortable as it is, you undoubtedly end up with tingling feelings in your legs and move to find a better position. With a leg rest you'll no longer have to worry: with it you can extend your legs and improve your position. This in or out accessory is ideal for enjoying a moment of ease. Finally, leg rests can act as your occasional pouf, stool or extra seat when you have friends or family around.

Why combine a leg rest with your recliner?

After hours spend in a recliner, the seated position tends to compress the back and numb it. Whatever the degree of lumbar and cervical support your outdoor chair provides, your back needs to loosen up after a long time seated. Leg rests can alleviate numbness, discomfort and pains. They let your back loosen and adopt a more comfortable position. Too often set aside, this accessory prevents the appearance of certain aches.

How to choose a leg rest

It is important to consider various points when choosing an effective leg rest suited to your needs:

  • Folding system: if you want to carry your leg rest easily, you should choose a folding frame. This will let you store, fold and install it easily as you like.
  • Leg rest height: this should be matched to the height of your recliner or deckchair. We recommend you choose a leg rest from the dealer where you bought your chairs, or to take measurements before purchasing.
  • Materials: they determine the durability of your leg rests. Go for aluminium and steel, especially if you want to use your leg rest outdoors. In this case, the materials used, from frame to fabric, should withstand the weather, corrosion, mould and UV radiation.
  • Provenance: all LAFUMA MOBILIER products are made in France. This is a guarantee of quality and it's also more ecological. We strive to limit the transportation distance between our products and our consumers, in order to limit our carbon footprint on the environment.

The LAFUMA MOBILIER design leg rest range

Now you know the advantages of leg rests and how to choose them.
The Lafuma Mobilier leg rest is the ideal complement for your lounger and especially our ultra-comfortable Transat model: the Transabed.
It is ideal for use on a terrace or beside a pool. Associated with your garden lounge, it can also be used as an outdoor stool or occasional low table, by combining it with a Beaulieu table top for example. With a corrosion-resistant galvanized steel frame, it withstands the weather and saline environments (coast, poolside). The fabric of the leg rest ensures rapid drying up of splashes. The breathable yet permeable material provides you with optimum comfort. 
Our leg rests come with multiple choices of colours and fabrics like those of our Cocoon and Transabed chairs: they are divided between those in Batyline® fabric woven by Serge Ferrari and UV resistant, and those in the ultra-comfort 3-thickness materials, Aircomfort® and Becomfort®.  Light, practical, and portable, you can put it anywhere in your garden, pergola, or veranda. Design, it's also right for your lounge especially in the Privilège collection. 

Lafuma Mobilier currently offers two leg rest models:  Next, easy to store, and Cocoon, especially designed to complete our iconic Cocoon chair. 
All our models are guaranteed for 5 years and are made in France in Anneyron in the Drôme department.