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ARMCHAIR Anytime Batyline® Duo Ecume


CHAIR Anytime Batyline® Duo Ecume

The advantages of the LAFUMA MOBILIER range of garden chairs and recliners  

Garden chairs or recliners are an outdoor furniture essential. Combined with a garden table, you can be restfully seated on a terrace, in a veranda or on a balcony. Why choose LAFUMA MOBILIER garden chairs? What are the specifics of our models? How are LAFUMA MOBILIER garden recliners maintained? We'll show you our range of outdoor furniture combining comfort, style and quality.

Compact folding chairs

Our outdoor chairs fold up or stack, according to the selected model. In this way they can be put away easily after an al fresco meal or moment of relaxation spent in the garden. The chair folding system is designed to be simple, fast and safe.

Using top of the range materials for a durable garden chair

We aim to offer our customers garden furniture that is resistant and durable. So, we only use high quality materials. Our chairs have a frame made of high-strength galvanised steel or an aluminium frame. Both metals are known for their strength and light weight. All the fabrics of our garden chairs are UV-resistant and moisture proof. They withstand the weather, are permeable and dry quickly.

Outdoor recliners and chairs with contemporary design

At LAFUMA MOBILIER, we also take special care with the design of our furniture. We offer you modern garden seating, that is timeless and stylish without neglecting your comfort. Most of our models come in several colours; you can choose the colour that best complements your garden tables, deckchairs and outdoor arrangements.

Which garden recliner or chair to choose?

Our range of garden chairs and recliners is vast, so choosing can be difficult. We'll show you the specifics of our best garden chairs to let you find the ones best suited to your needs.

Our aluminium outdoor recliners

Aluminium outdoor recliners are perfect for comfortable outdoor dining. Our Zen-It range comes in different versions, fabric or triple thickness mattress. Very designer, the Zen-It is our top of the range garden recliner especially good for your meals out on the terrace. UV-resistant, comfortable and offering rapid drying should it rain, it has excellent corrosion resistance and is available in different colours.

Our high-strength steel or galvanised steel garden chairs

We offer 3 types of steel garden chairs:

  • Balcony chair: compact and folding, Balcony is a small chair that is practical and easy to store. Its small size means it fits easily into small spaces like balconies. Also, it is very robust.
  • Anytime Chair and Recliner: on trend and designer, this outdoor folding chair has high quality finishes. It is available in many colours, has a spacious seat and a wide back. It's a real comfort treat: you can stay seated for several hours without discomfort or ache. The wide armrests of the recliner make it very comfort.
  • Ancône recliner: this recliner resulted from collaboration with the BIG-GAME studio. Well known for their preference for basic geometry and clean lines, these French-speaking designers share with LAFUMA MOBILIER their love of stripped down graphics that are useful and responsible. And the result? An armchair with fully rounded armrests, curved in the very structure of the seat, symbolic of smart design, which neatly combines style and functionality. Comfortable, stackable and practical, Ancône recliners have a back cross-piece to make handling easier.

All our products are made in France and bear the OFG label (French Origin Guaranteed)Designed eco-responsibly in Anneyron in the Drôme department, they contain no substances toxic to the body and for the environment.

How to maintain and clean your garden chair

We know that no one wants to spend hours cleaning their garden lounge. So, we offer you garden recliners and chairs that are very easy to clean. All out seats, from frame to fabric, can be cleaned simply with a sponge and soapy water, even after having spent the winter in a shed or garage. Our fabrics are so resistant to the elements that you will find all the charm and comfort of your products again each time you use them.

Now you know all the models of our designer outdoor chairs, you're ready to choose the model and colours suited to your garden table, whether metal or wood.