Garden tables





The garden table: an essential for your terraces and balconies

The garden table is an outdoor furniture essential. Enjoy those warm weather meals with family or friends. It can be placed on a terrace, under a pergola, in a veranda, or garden. This piece of garden furniture should be carefully selected according to your actual needs.

Which material for your garden table?

Many materials are used in the design of garden tables. This outdoor furniture can be made of woven resin, wood, teak, metal, etc. At LAFUMA MOBLIER, we only work certain specific materials, with an eye on durability, and quality and closely with our historic knowhow:

  • All our table tops are made of HPL: resistant to scratches, this material withstands high temperatures, impacts, weather and UV radiation. It is perfectly watertight and impermeable to staining.
  • The frame of our garden tables is made of galvanised steel. Solid, this metal is corrosion proof when treated and painted. And our top of the range model, Ancône, is designed in aluminium. This material is known for its durability, resistance to rust, its lightness and strength.

Which garden table to choose?

We offer four main models of outdoor tables, three of which are folding:

  • Our square table: this small model is ideal for creating a small garden area on your balcony. It can seat two people and perfectly suits small spaces. Foldable, and self-stable in closed position, it can be opened just for meals and stored along the balcony or in a cupboard the rest of the time. It's a table that's perfect for breakfast and for refreshments as a couple or duo.
  • Our rectangular garden table: this rectangular table is a very practical, timeless classic. It's suitable for 4 to 6 people and can be folded. It has an HPL laminate top, can be adjusted at the feet and comes in several colours. When it's folded, our rectangular table stays upright by itself. So, it's good for storing along a wall, with no risk of falling.
  • Our XXL rectangular table: this is one of our larger folding tables: it's the XXL version of our rectangular table. It provides complete comfort at meal times. Six people can be easily seated, and there's plenty of space for arranging dishes, salad bowls and bottles. Made of galvanised steel, it is very robust and stable. It is suitable for all floors and is easy to clean.
  • The Ancône garden table: the Ancône table is our most spacious top of the range table. Its generous size takes 8 people. Ultra-functional, this designer garden table has an HPL top and an aluminium frame. Simple and clever, its legs are assembled without tools, and the top dismantles quickly for easy winter storage. Last but not least, all the parts can be separated to facilitate the product's end-of-life disposal. Proof that quality, aesthetics and eco-design are compatible.

Now you know our main garden table models. Each of them provides for comfortable dining. To make a good choice, think of opting for a table suited to the space you have and to the number of guests that you expect to host. Remember that all our tables are very simple to clean: it will only take you a few minutes to clean them after each meal. They can be washed simply with a sponge and soapy water. Beware never to use the abrasive side of the sponge, which could scratch your outdoor table.

Why opt for a garden table from the LAFUMA MOBILIER range?

You’ve got it: we take special care with the creation and manufacture of our products. Made in France, all our pieces are designed with an eye on quality so as to provide our customers with maximum comfort. All our outdoor table models are stylish, practical to store and maintain. Confident in our products, we offer you a five-year guarantee for each of them. Light and compact, our garden furniture is easy to transport and to store. It is easy to store in winter, even in small spaces, and opens up just as easily with the return of summer. Contemporary and on trend, it combines wonderfully with many garden chair models. In addition, our garden tables are available in different colours, letting you personalise your decor according to your taste. It's easy to harmonise them with the rest of your outdoor furniture.

Now you know all the particularities of our garden tables. Which model will you choose to enjoy happy times as a family, with lovers or among friends?