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RELAXATION CHAIR Rsx Clip AirComfort® Bordeaux


RELAXATION CHAIR Rsx Clip AirComfort® Acier


RELAXATION CHAIR Rsx Clip AirComfort® Coral Blue


RELAXATION CHAIR Rsx Clip AirComfort® Taupe


RELAXATION CHAIR Rsx Clip XL AirComfort® Bordeaux


RELAXATION CHAIR Rsx Clip XL AirComfort® Acier


RELAXATION CHAIR Rsx Clip XL AirComfort® Taupe


RELAXATION CHAIR Rsxa Batyline® Iso Noir


RELAXATION CHAIR Rsxa Clip Batyline® Iso Seigle


RELAXATION CHAIR Rsxa Clip Batyline® Iso Noir


RELAXATION CHAIR Rsxa Clip Batyline® Iso Terre


RELAXATION CHAIR Evolution Batyline® Duo Galet

What is a reclining garden chair?

Do you dream of finding a comfy chair for relaxing both indoors and out? Then the garden relaxer chair is the one for you. It reclines both manually and electronically, so you can find the perfect angle to take the weight off your legs and back. We launched our pioneering multi-position reclining garden chair in 1962. Since then, our models have continued to evolve to become even more comfortable, sustainable and suitable for all indoor and outdoor settings.

Why choose a LAFUMA MOBILIER reclining garden chair?

Sit back and relax in one of our outdoor reclining chairs

The main benefit our LAFUMA MOBILER garden relaxer chair is the sheer unique comfort it provides. The manually reclining back slides effortlessly from upright to the zero gravity position, which is considered the body’s ideal position. Lying at an angle of 127o is perfect for improving blood circulation and taking the weight off your back, legs and neck. The fabric is cleverly attached in a way that supports your back perfectly and means your body weight is ideally distributed. It soothes the body’s pressure points and the chair’s adjustable or integrated head cushion delicately supports the neck.

For greater comfort, we have also developed our own system for attaching the fabric to our chairs. Instead of traditional elastic attachments, clips provide a better hold and firmer comfort.
You’ve got it: with this chair, you can count on exceptional comfort and enjoy deep moments of relaxation.

The LAFUMA MOBILIER garden relaxer chair – quality guaranteed

Our reclining outdoor chairs are more than comfortable, they are also hardwearing, sustainable, and designed with the greatest care. They are made in France from UV-resistant materials. They can be used both indoors, for those cooler evenings, and outdoors for soaking up the sun. The LAFUMA MOBILIER reclining outdoor chair also has an excellent lifespan. The high-quality fabrics are removable and replaceable, covering a frame made of HLE steel (High Limit Elasticity), a tough material known for its durability. Depending on the model, our garden relaxer chairs are made from fabric with a variety of properties:
- Batyline® Iso: the most aerated, with a weave of 1 weft thread/1 warp thread. This fabric is ideal for outdoor use with its high resistance to UV rays and adverse weather. It is also hardwearing against tears, does not lose its shape and is easy to clean.
- Batyline® Duo: this reinforced fabric has a more luxurious appearance than Batyline® Iso, with a weave of 2 weft threads/1 warp thread. It doesn’t retain water, is quick-drying and has excellent UV resistance. It is also an easy-to-clean fabric.
- Padded polycotton cushion: the high-density cushion is covered with a polyester-cotton fabric. It also has the advantage of not creasing. The reclining outdoor chair with padded polycotton cushion is perfect for indoors, and promises calm moments of relaxation.
- AirComfort cushion: a permeable, breathable and extremely comfortable triple-thick cushion. It is easy to clean and perfect for outdoor use.
- BeComfort cushion: eco-friendly with a superb design. This cushion boasts three layers, including a 3D mesh net, breathable and permeable padding and Batyline® fabric. It is certified free of substances toxic to the body and the environment. It is resistant to UV rays, weather-proof and 4cm thick with a honeycomb design.

Portable and practical reclining garden chairs

In contrast to the larger electric reclining outdoor chair models, which are comfortable, but not generally moved around, we offer a smaller version without compromising on comfort. All our outdoor reclining chairs are compact and foldable, not to mention light enough to be carried or moved around as you please.

A range of contemporary garden relaxer chairs

Our reclining garden chairs are decidedly chic and modern. Their simple, contemporary and clean design offers timeless seating that will blend in seamlessly with any style of décor. The are available in a variety of colours, ranging from light and dark to neutral and pastel shades, so you can choose a chair to match your style, outdoor space or current furniture. Find your ideal zero gravity reclining garden chair made from a variety of fabrics and colours, for both outdoor and indoor use.

Which reclining garden chair is right for you?

Choose from our 5 main reclining garden chair models for indoor and outdoor use:
- R Clip: this adjustable multi-position recliner is the ideal companion for moments of relaxation both at home and when travelling. It offers unbeatable value for money and optimum comfort whether lying down or sitting. It comes with an adjustable, removable head cushion, offers sublime comfort and folds up in a flash.
- RSXA Clip: ideal for the swimming pool, on a terrace, patio or in a living room. Timeless and classic, this reclining garden chair provides better back support than the R Clip and boasts padded armrests and an ergonomic head cushion. Like all of our reclining outdoor chairs, it is adjustable and reclines to the zero gravity position. Lightweight and foldable, it is easy to move and compact to store. It is available in several colours to suit all preferences.
- Futura: this is our flagship reclining garden chair. The epitome of LAFUMA MOBILIER reclining outdoor chairs, it’s the ideal cocoon for sitting back and relaxing. Fixed armrests make it easy to get snug. It offers comfortable seating and optimal back support with a distinct contemporary look.
- Futura XL: a large ergonomic reclining garden chair. It has the same features as the Futura, but in a larger size, a wider seat and a higher back, while remaining compact and easy to handle.
- Evolution: the must-have chair for those seeking absolute comfort. Fixed armrests make it easy to get comfy, and there are no top or bottom cross bars, meaning it is extra comfortable for larger users. This stylish reclining outdoor chair will answer all your relaxation needs without sacrificing style.

So there you have it. Choosing a LAFUMA MOBILIER reclining garden chair is always a great idea. With a 5-year guarantee and OFG (French Origin) label, it’s an outdoor furniture essential, and it is also ideal for sitting back and relaxing indoors. Which model would you choose for catching a moment of zen?