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LOW TABLE Vogue Micro-perforated tray Titane


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The coffee table, an indoor and outdoor essential

A coffee table or garden side table is undoubtedly the centrepiece of any home. Both in the house and in the garden, family and friends all sit around it for an aperitif or a meal. Enjoyed by children for a TV dinner, it is also loved by adults and forms an integral part of the interior and exterior décor. Nowadays, furniture manufacturers offer a huge choice of coffee tables and garden side tables, from square ones and glass ones to wooden and Scandinavian ones. At LAFUMA MOBILIER, our coffee tables are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Read on to find out more and make an informed choice.

The LAFUMA MOBILIER coffee table range

Designed using quality materials, all of our coffee tables and side tables are manufactured in France and are guaranteed for 5 years. Take a look at our selection of coffee tables.

Our small coffee tables

The Vogue coffee table, or side table has become very fashionable lately and is extremely useful. Keep remote controls or your phone handy, and keep your drink to hand while sitting on the sofa. They are also very practical in small spaces like balconies. Easy to move, they are particularly useful when you're in a deckchair or lounger and need to keep things within reach. We offer two small coffee table designs, one with a solid top and another with a perforated top. They are both small, can be easily stacked and have a painted steel top, making them strong and resistant.

Our top-of-the-range contemporary coffee tables

The Cocoon coffee table or garden side table is a high end table model, suitable for both outdoors and indoors. Being weather-proof, it is perfect for creating a cosy corner in the garden, or in the lounge. Its clean lines and mineral appearance lend a contemporary and modern feel. Its neutral colours will complement any existing décor, making it a true chameleon! It has a major size advantage over traditional coffee tables: despite its metal feet, it is still lightweight (11.7 kg) and can be moved around as you please.

How to choose a stylish coffee table to match your décor

It's not easy choosing a coffee table that matches your current décor, but we’ll help you find the one that will blend in seamlessly with your indoor or outdoor space.

Choosing the right type of coffee table

As you can see, there are lots of coffee tables and side tables to choose from. It’s best to make a decision after considering what your individual needs are. Do you need it for inside or out? Will you need to move it regularly? Do you expect to have lots of people around it or will it be used for storage or decoration? Once you've answered these questions, you’ll soon be able to decide on the type and size of coffee table you need.

Choosing the right material for your coffee table

Choosing what your coffee table should be made of is an important decision. Some materials are more resistant than others, require less cleaning and look more modern. At LAFUMA MOBILIER, we have prioritised quality and durability. All of our table legs have steel feet. The smallest coffee tables are all steel, while the larger models are made of high-strength steel and have an HPL top (High Pressure Laminate). All our materials are modern and resilient, which is not the case with wooden or glass top tables, which are known to be fragile. Using steel or HPL also means that our tables are easy to clean and just need wiping clean with a soapy sponge. They do not stain or get fingerprints on them.

Choose the right style and shape of coffee table

Finally, it's important to choose a coffee table or side table that is the right style so it doesn't clash with the rest of your indoor or outdoor décor. Avoid mixing modern and antique materials, e.g. an industrial style coffee table would not fit in well with overly modern furniture. Rattan and wood do not always mix well so avoid combining solid oak furniture with a rattan coffee table. In general, wood and metal work very well together, so, you could happily opt for a metal coffee table if you had a large table in walnut or solid wood.