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The low table, an essential piece for your interior and exterior

The low table is a central piece of the home: it lets you get together as a family or with friends. In the house as in the garden, it is ideal for aperitives, or eating other than on the lounge table. Liked by children for those TV meals, it's also well-liked by adults and forms an integral part of the interior and exterior decoration. Nowadays, furniture manufacturers offer a huge choice of low tables: square low table, glass low table, wood low table, Scandinavian low table, etc. At LAFUMA MOBILIER, we offer you practical low tables, suitable for indoors and outdoors. Let's discover them so that you can make your choice.

The range of LAFUMA MOBILIER low tables

Designed using quality materials, all our low tables are manufactured in France and guaranteed for 5 years. Take a look at our selection of low tables.

Our small low side tables

The Vogue side table, or sofa end, has become very on trend lately and it's very useful. Use it to keep remote controls or your phone handy, or to have a drink nearby when you're on the couch. These tables are also very practical for arranging small spaces like balconies. Easy to move, they are very useful when you're in a deckchair or lounger and need to keep things handy. We offer two small low table models, one with a solid top, the other with a perforated top. They both have small dimensions and can be stacked and have a painted steel top (strong resistant material).

Our top of the range designer low tables

The Cocoon low table is a top of the range table model, suitable for outdoors and indoors. Weather-resistant, it can be placed in the garden to create a cosy space, or in the lounge. Its clean lines and its top with cement or mineral look make it furniture that is decisively contemporary and modern. Its neutral colours allow it to complement all existing decors: it's a true chameleon. It has a size advantage compared with traditional lounge tables: despite its metal feet, it is still light (11.7 kg) and can be moved about as you like.


How to choose a designer low table suited to your decor

It's not easy to choose a low table suited to your decor. We'll guide you to let you find the piece that will integrate harmoniously with your exterior or interior decoration.

Choosing the right type of low table

As you've seen there are many types of low tables. Always choose them after carefully analysing your needs. Do you want to put your low table indoors or outdoors? Move it regularly? Do you expect to have lots of people around it or to use it simply for tidying or decorative purposes? Once you've got the answers to these questions, it'll be easy to decide on the type and size of low table to suit.

The choice of materials for your low table

The choice of the materials for your low table should be taken seriously: some are more resistant than others, require more or less cleaning, have a more modern appearance, etc. At LAFUMA MOBILIER, we have opted for quality and durability. All our table legs have steel feet. The smallest side tables are all steel, while the larger models are made of high-strength steel and have an HPL top (High Pressure Laminate). All our materials are modern and resistant, which is not the case of wood tables, or glass top tables, well known for their fragility. The choice of steel or HPL also makes our tables easy to clean: they can be rubbed clean with a soapy sponge, are not impregnated with stains or finger marks.

Choose a good style and shape of low table

Finally, it's important to choose a low table in a good style so that it doesn't clash with the rest of your decor, whether interior or exterior. Avoid mixtures of modern and ancient materials: an industrial low lounge table does not go easily with too modern furniture. Rattan and wood do not always mix well: avoid mixing solid oak furniture with a rattan low table. In general, wood and metal work very well together. So, you can happily go for a metal low table if you have a large solid walnut or wood table.