SUNLOUNGER Siesta L Batyline® Iso Black


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BAYANNE SUNBED Hedona® Céladon


SUNLOUNGER Miami Batyline® Duo Ecume




SUNLOUNGER Siesta L Batyline® Iso Ciel




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How to choose a sun lounger

Sun lounger, sunbed, whatever you call it, you should consider the following when it comes to choosing one:
- Comfort: naturally this is the first thing to consider. A sun lounger is bigger than a deckchair, allowing you to fully stretch out and relax outdoors, in the garden or by the pool. Choose the right one for your shape and for what you want to use it for. Adjustable models, for example, have multiple positions and are ideal if you want to sit up as well as lie down on your front or back.
- What it’s made of: Another important factor to consider is the material it’s made from, as it will determine how robust the sun lounger will be, how much it will weigh and how long it will last. High end outdoor sun loungers are usually made of steel, which is weather-proof and lightweight. You can also choose the fabric, which should preferably be removable, easy to clean and high quality, i.e. designed for outdoor use.
- Style: choose the right furniture and it will really spruce up your garden. We also recommend that you choose the colour, shape and material of your outdoor sun lounger to fit in with your current furniture.

Why choose a LAFUMA MOBILIER sun lounger?

Why choose a sun lounger from our outdoor furniture range? Read more about our contemporary reclining loungers.

A maximum comfort sun lounger

As you know, choosing a comfortable sun lounger is essential. You need to be able to lie down and read, take a siesta or just soak up the sun without changing position too often. Our sun loungers are all designed to provide the best possible conditions for putting your feet up and relaxing. The fabric is hardwearing and pleasant to touch, not to mention springy for added comfort.

A sunbed that’s easy to move

Conventional sun loungers made of rattan, woven resin or teak are sometimes heavy and bulky. They are particularly difficult to move and store after the summer. We decided to solve that problem by offering designer sun loungers that are foldable, lightweight and easy to move. The high end models have wheels, and all of our sun loungers are easy to carry into the garden, or just move into the shade.

Quality materials for a high end sun lounger

All of our sun loungers are made in France and offer sublime comfort. They are designed with quality materials and are made to last. The frames are made of steel, while the fabric is weather-proof and resistant to UV rays.

Chic and stylish

We offer several models of poolside and garden reclining chairs, deckchairs and sun loungers. The contemporary designs are available in a wide range of modern colours. Our models are timeless and blend in seamlessly with all types of outdoor décor.

Which sun lounger to choose?

There are 3 main models in the LAFUMA MOBILIER range, all available in different colours:
- Siesta: our Siesta outdoor bed is perfect for relaxing by the pool and can also be used as a spare bed. It is pure comfort, robust and can be folded away. If you're looking for a sun lounger that’s great value for money, Siesta is the one for you!
- Sunside: practical and efficient, Sunside is the ideal sun lounger to use by the pool or under a tree for a quick siesta. Light and easy to carry, the Batyline fabric is extremely resistant to UV rays and mould. It is practical, strong and most importantly, comfortable. The clip suspension system means it is also easy to carry and store. It is very compact when folded.
- Miami: this is LAFUMA MOBILIER’s top-of-the-range sun lounger. The wheels make it is easy to move around. It has a clip suspension system, a corrosion-resistant frame and an adjustable back with three reclining positions, one of them being fully flat. As well as its wheels, it is the exceptional finish that sets Miami apart from the other models: the various parts of the lounger match, it boasts double flange wheels, and has reinforced stitching. Like all our sun loungers, Miami is made with no substances toxic to the body or the environment.

Cleaning your sun lounger

Cleaning a sun lounger should never be complicated. That’s why we design products that are easy to clean and maintain. The materials we use at LAFUMA MOBILIER require little maintenance: just a little dusting and a wipe down using a damp sponge after a winter spent in the garage or garden shed. Our fabrics are also practical and can be removed and changed in no time. We also offer a range of spare parts and fabrics for sunbeds so you don’t have to buy a whole new one if you only need to replace one part. Simpler and better for the environment.

Now you have all the information you need to choose the right sun lounger, which model will you go for?