Evolution Batyline® Duo Obsidian LFM2767_6897

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The key item for relaxing. This Lafuma Relax was designed to offer THE perfect relaxation position in a folding armchair format. Its design was assisted by the medical profession. The principle: It positions the legs slightly above the heart for optimal rest. This position also corresponds to how the human body sits naturally when weightless, which confirms the foundations of this principle. An essential part of relaxing on the veranda or in the shade, in the garden.
Its advantages:
- Its Batyline® Duo reinforced fabric is particularly suitable for furniture around swimming pools given its excellent UV resistance and open weave that does not retain water. The 2 thread / 1 thread weave, which is tighter than that of Batyline® Duo brings a thicker look and better resistance to tearing. It does not distort and is easy to maintain, a little soapy water is all you need.
- Its steel tubing frame is very strong.
- It has clean lines and is suitable for those with larger frames with the lack of cross brace on the top of the backrest and the bottom of the footrest.
- The ergonomic armrests are made from injected textured resin.
- Its suspension system is clipped - the connection between "tube and fabric" is made by injected elastomere clips, offering a firm lift and improved back support. This Lafuma patented system makes it easy to unhook and reclip the fabric, and therefore makes cleaning easy.

Technical information

RELAXATION CHAIR Lafuma Mobilier 1

Design et ergonomie au service de la relaxation

Des lignes épurées particulièrement adaptées aux grands gabarits grâce à la suppression des barres transversales à la tête et au pieds. Les accoudoirs fixes facilitent l'utilisation du fauteuil et l'ajustement de la position souhaitée, notamment le Zéro Gravité. Pliable et solide, son dossier ergonomique offre un confort amélioré et un très bon maintien du dos grâce aux fixations par clips intégrales.

RELAXATION CHAIR Lafuma Mobilier 2

Batyline® Duo - Tissage renforcé 2 fils/1fil

Ideal for exterior use: excellent resistance to UV rays, ultra-quick drying and easy to clean with soapy water. Refined style effects and increased durability for this technical fabric manufactured in France.

Product Details


Height (product - in cm) 115

Width (opened - in cm) 70

Depth (opened - in cm) 85

Height (folded - in cm) 98

Width (closed- in cm) 70

Depth (folded - in cm) 20

Net weight (in kg) 8,20

Seat height (in cm) 40


Fabric and cushions





Drying time speed

Resistance to UV rays

Resistance to bad weather

Ease of cleaning


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