Reclining chair canvas


REPLACEMENT KIT - 53 cm Futura XL BeComfort® Dark Grey


REPLACEMENT KIT Rsx - Rsxa - Rsxa Clip - Futura Batyline® Iso Terre


HEAD CUSHION Rsx Batyline® Duo Seigle


REPLACEMENT KIT Rsx - Rsxa Batyline® Iso Seigle


REPLACEMENT KIT Futura XL Batyline® Iso Ciel


REPLACEMENT KIT Rsx - Rsxa - Rsxa Clip - Futura Batyline® Iso Ciel


REPLACEMENT KIT Rsx - Rsxa - Rsxa Clip - Futura Batyline® Iso Seigle


REPLACEMENT KIT Evolution Batyline® Duo Obsidian


REPLACEMENT KIT Rsx - Rsxa Polycotton Ardoise


REPLACEMENT KIT Rsx - Rsxa - Rsxa Clip - Futura AirComfort® Acier


REPLACEMENT KIT Futura XL Batyline® Iso Seigle


REPLACEMENT FABRIC KIT  Futura - Rsx - Rsxa Clip AirComfort® Taupe

Give your LAFUMA MOBILIER RELAXATION chair a new look

You’ve invested in a RELAXATION chair from LAFUMA MOBILIER and you’d like to replace its canvas? We have a wide range of replacement canvas available to meet your needs.
We design our products for the longest possible life cycle. Our approach includes the entire product life cycle: from streamlined design to use and reuse! Giving new life to a product reduces its environmental impact while staying on-trend!

Change your RELAXATION chair canvas

Change the canvas on your RELAXATION chair to your heart’s desire. Whether you want to get a new look for your RELAXATION chair, switch up the canvas according to product use (summer/winter) or change style and theme, LAFUMA MOBILIER offers you a wide range of canvas products. All our canvas products are perfectly suited to indoor and outdoor use.
LAFUMA MOBILIER uses two fastening systems to attach the canvas to your chair’s frame: clips or laces.

Clip attachment provides excellent back support, better weight distribution and firmer comfort.. Several LAFUMA MOBILIER reclining chair models have this clip system: RSXA Clip, RSX Clip, R Clip, EVOLUTION, BAYANNE RELAX, FUTURA, FUTURA XL.
If your RELAXATION chair has a lace attachment system, we also offer replacement canvas, laces and even kits containing canvas and laces. These are elastic laces that provide optimal comfort. You can find the lace attachment system on two RELAXATION chair models: RSX, RSXA.
All our canvas products are very easy to install. Watch our video tutorials under help & services.

Our RELAXATION chair replacement canvas

The LAFUMA MOBILIER RELAXATION chair range is very diverse, especially in terms of the materials used. Several materials are available for enhancing your comfort:
- Batyline® Iso: this is the most aerated material, with a 1x1 weave. This canvas is perfect for outdoor use since it has high resistance against UV rays and bad weather. It is also tear-resistant, does not become deformed and is easy to maintain.
- Batyline® Duo: this canvas has more reinforcement, particularly thanks to its 2x1 weave. It does not absorb water, dries quickly and has excellent UV resistance. It is also very easy to maintain.
- Padded polycotton mattress: this high-density mattress is covered with canvas made from polyester and cotton. With the added advantage of being wrinkle-free, the RELAXATION chair with padded polycotton mattress adapts perfectly to your interior and will provide many a relaxing moment.
- AirComfort mattress: this permeable mattress with triple-layer thickness is breathable and extremely comfortable. Easy to maintain, it is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

This diversity of materials and colours enables you to match your RELAXATION chair to any situation and decor.
By replacing your product’s canvas, you’re prolonging its use and helping to preserve the environment through responsible consumption.

LAFUMA MOBILIER guarantees the availability and compatibility of replacement canvas.

Before placing your order, please check the product sheet to see whether the canvas is compatible with your RELAXATION chair model (see dimensions for canvas and RELAXATION chair model).