TRAVEL COVER XL Futura - Futura XL - Transabed - RClip - Rsx - Rsxa Anthracite LFM2672_0006

At LAFUMA MOBILIER, accessories are essential and also serve to help your well-being! To personalise your decor or to improve the comfort of your products, you can find a whole line of functional and elegant accessories: cushions, throws, rugs, patio umbrellas, towels... A huge variety of designs, materials and colours, to show that outdoor life is just as good as indoors.Click to find out more. .

Its technical assets:

  • 2 year guarantee

Detailed description:

This is our travel and storage cover for various products.
Its large dimensions mean that it can hold several types of our products including the XL sizes.
It is perfect for protecting and transporting your products.

Dimensions: 83 x 130cm.